The Best Film Photography Accessories

Film photography is much more than just a camera. It requires other equipment and accessories that will make your work as a photographer easier. Here is some film photography equipment that you need.

Light meter

A light meter gives you more accurate measurements for more accurate exposures. A handheld light meter uses a needle to indicate the proper exposure settings by reading either incident or reflected light.

Storage Box Binder

Photo negatives are very sensitive materials that require a little extra care. The storage box has a three-ring binder inside, so you can stick your film or prints in pages.

Film guard Bag

A film guard bag holds your film and keeps your film rolls safe from X-rays, and holds about five rolls of 35mm film together in one place.

Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras

This kit keeps your negatives and lenses clear. It uses air to clean the dust off your negatives and debris off your camera lens.


Scissors are very important in film photography because you are going to be needing them to cut your negatives before developing or for trimming your pictures after they have been developed.

Stainless Steel Developing Tank

This film developing tank is very good for developing your film at home. Because it is stainless, your film will not crunch up when you are loading, and the lid is sturdy, so no chemical drips will fall as you shake your solution.

Vide Machine

The temperature of your chemicals is important if you want to get negatives that look just right. Use the appropriate machine to get them to the proper temperature. Then relax as your prints dry out by playing some online games with real money casino Duelz.


You can use a specially designed notebook to record crucial details about your photos.  This is because cameras don’t store exposure information like digital cameras. So you would have to do that the analogue way.

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