Why Photographic Films Are Still Relevant

Photographic films are still relevant today. Here are some reasons to support this notion.

Help Store Memorable Moments

Many years back, photo albums were the first thing you offered a guest in your house before a glass of wine. Photo albums adorned every home. Perfect in a shelf for remembrance moments in time we don’t want to forget, thanks to photographic films.

Inspires The Perfect Shot

A typical roll of film only has about 24 exposures compared to the 10,000+ JPEGs on a 32GB memory card. This makes taking pictures with a film a methodical affair. Getting it right in-camera provides the added benefit of not having to sift through hundreds of frames to choose the perfect shot.

The Pictures are Permanent

Pictures taken with the photographic film are permanent. This is unlike digital photos that can be lost once a hard drive is corrupted or stolen or even mistakenly deleted with a click. There go many years of memories!

No Need for Electricity

It is impossible to work on the creation of a digital image without the need for electricity. However, with photographic films, you can create photographic negatives and take pictures from them without the need for any electricity at all.

Film Cameras are Not Expensive

Brand new digital cameras are so expensive these days. When compared with the price of photographic cameras, the difference is staggering. Yet, the beauty, time, and art put into the creation of film cameras are aesthetic. Good film cameras are available and inexpensive.

Film photography is still very much around and used by photographers for one purpose or the other. Even though digital photography is the thing now, photographic films are still loved by those that love to blend today with a touch of yesterday.

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Digital versus Film Photography:

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