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A photographic film is a sheet of plastic used to record pictures. A photographic film can hold up to 40 pictures, and when the roll is finished, it is developed into pictures. This is also called processing.

However, since digital photography became a popular practice, the majority of photographers are no longer interested in taking pictures with film cameras. Some photographers these days don’t even know what a photographic film is and so have never used it.

Nonetheless, there are several photographers (both amateurs and professionals) who are beginning to rekindle their interest in film photography. They intend to bring the spotlight back to film photography.

Though there is a contemporary shift to digital cameras, there is a relatively small part of the photographic community still extremely devoted to the analogue.

Currently, photographers are doing it the old way with films, and there are tons of good information about film photography gear and techniques online, and a growing number of devotees are dedicated to preserving the slow but magical process of film photography.

This blog, for instance, is one of the devotees. In this blog, we will be giving you so much information on photographic films and photos on photographic film. We will give you details on the different film photography equipment as well as tips, advice, and any other information on photography in general.

If you are also a film photography devotee like us or simply interested in learning something new about this old technology that is still trending today, then stay with us on this blog.

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